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Xatar Universe Network

Our Servers

We offer a few different servers

Survival 1.12.2

Survival 1.12.2

This Server is running on 1.12.2
We have regular Survival with a few extra's. Like wands, lucky blocks and many more..
Feed The Beast 1.12.2

Feed The Beast 1.12.2

This Server is running an 1.12.2 Feed The Beast Modpack called Direwolf20
Prison 1.12.2

Prison 1.12.2

This Server is running an 1.12.2
Here we have an prison server.. But not your regular prison server just like Survival we have many fun and different plugins..

Who We Are

We are Xatar Universe

A place where everyone can play games together.

Some of our projects and servers we worked on

Take a look to our awesome works

Our Story

Just a group of friends...

Xatar Universe started a few years ago with 3 friends and 1 minecraft server. We wanted to have a place where people can play games together.

Join The Team

Ofcourse i can't run this server alone! So this is where i need
your help. Want to be staff on one of the servers click on the link below